ClassicKELKOM™ conversion to DigitalKELKOM™


DigitalKELKOM Panel adapts to cover the ClassicKELKOM location.


All Legacy Kelkom installations are dedicated wired systems which can be made compatible with the new universal Kelkom system.

The new components can be integrated with your existing network, but please note that some early-installation network wiring configuration needs to be confirmed by us, as well as the number of terminals installed initially versus the desired final number.

The conversion kit to new DigitalKELKOM panel includes a transition plate to cover the existing wall opening, and is the mount for the DigitalKELKOM panel.

The new MPCALP digital controller replaces the Classic basic, PC-class controller, and is an upgrade from the MPC-class controllers. There is no longer a need for an auxiliary power supply – SPC-class – for installations of up to 30 panels.



New Panels

All standard ClassicKELKOM panels have direct replacements in the new digital line.