Classic KELKOM

Workflow Control Mode - "Provider #1 needed in two rooms."

Either you now use the ClassicKELKOM™ Panel or you have seen it in use at a colleague’s office.

In the mid-1980’s, Kelkom defined front to back office visual / non-verbal communications with the commercial version of this panel. The basic page feature – sometimes called “intercom” – remains today’s baseline requirement for office communications. This platform also provided the ability to add new software features to help forward-looking practice owners better manage their back office operations.

Today, ClassicKELKOM™ products are retired for new installations, but we still supply panels for small expansions to your existing system, and we continue 100% repair and support services for all system modules.

In addition, all your ClassicKELKOM™ hardware products can upgrade easily to our new DigitalKELKOM™ system platform because they are plug and play with your existing wiring.

Time is slowly running out on us however due to the age of the components; certain replacement parts are in short supply. Please check the Replacement Parts tab on the site for specifics. The buttons are most scarce.