System Overview

The Kelkom System

Codes are easy to learn and fun to implement. For example, this message reads:  “Office Manager (OM) needed in room#3 (3) for insurance consult (green)

The unified, all-platform workflow solution.

Here’s how it works:

We work with you to customize the panel to your own unique practice layout. The Kelkom code system is the fastest and easiest way to communicate in your busy practice. So much so, it’s patent pending!

Need a code for that weird room under the stairs? We can do that. Need a “screaming child” panic button? Easy. Your practice, your panel. Can your management software say the same?


This is the Kelkom difference — Nearly all practice management and other software windows expect you to conform to it. By definition, this will impede rather than streamline your workflow. Kelkom is tailored to your unique situation and practice style, allowing you to focus on doing your best work; not craning your neck to check a computer screen.


Superior user interface:

  • Best visibility – Bright LED light illuminates each LARGE button and lasts for thousands of hours of use.
  • Best readability – Large format font for all characters. No squinting needed!
  • Best communication – Multiple display modes make clear what type of message is displayed, and who should respond.

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What should my panel look like?

The standard Kelkom panel is 21 keys laid out over a 6.5 x 3 inch grid. We reserve the white key for system control, so simply choose your 20 keys — we recommend grouping the keys into 3 classes – People on the left, procedures (colors) on the right, and places (i.e. treatment rooms) below.

Each key is brightly illuminated and easy-to-read, and the keypad is impervious to standard cleaning solutions – meaning no more aseptic barrier tape.

We recommend numbering the treatment rooms and using 2- or 3-letter abbreviations for the other keys, such as “CON” for consult, “FC” for finance coordinator, etc. Kelkom codes are flexible to your needs – for example, “STL” can indicate the autoclave room or a request to sterilize a room, clearly indicated by the position of the key.

The upper left corner key is always white and always the message reset / acknowledge key. It also functions as the mode key for systems using both message and patient flow control modes.

Some advanced functions require a specific function key – we like yellow, but you can choose your favorite color.


Design your panel now

Network Configuration

The wired Kelkom Panels communicate through a network using ethernet cable and hubs just like a PC network. Simple “star topology” layout runs data cables from a central hub to each panel. This is standard for the modern era — you do not want a system that is “daisy-chain” wired (each panel connected directly to the others)! Not only are they more expensive to install, they’re as frustrating as the old Christmas tree light strings to diagnose problems! Wi-Fi panels are bracketed to a powered wall hanger and can be picked up an used as needed, communicating with the system via Wi-Fi.

Kelkom’s Panic-Proof Installation is accomplished by one of our capable Service and Installation Partners.