The KELKOMPanel™ – The Productivity Gateway User Interface

All Kelkom Panels run inside your IT firewall, so if your internet goes down, Kelkom will not. If your network inside the firewall goes down, wired Kelkom Panels will not. Our Touchscreen Panel Technology consists of our software platform that displays panels concurrently on a range of devices running Android® and Windows® and iOS® devices. The devices can be any combination of wired or WiFi wireless panels. Kelkom allows you to create the most effective communication solution based on the workflow in the surrounding area.


The Advanced Kelkom System™


Wired for patient-centric work centers

  • Wired is ideal for all aerosol environments where quick wipe and go room turns are the norm.
  • PCs in your OPS are the worst place for patient flow communications because they cost you time and money – despite what your PM or 3rd party software supplier claims.
  • You can see and understand the communication even while you work.
  • Patent Pending Kelkom Panel proves the point.


Wired for Lab & Sterile work centers

  • Yes, even if you have PCs in these areas, because the work is not centered on the PC, a wired panel is more effective because its where you can see it while working.
  • Wired is ideal for all aerosol environments where quick wipe and go room turns are the norm.


Computer display for office work centers

  • Our well behaved Kelkom Panel Application lets you get your usual work done and still stay in touch with office demands – scheduling, check-in, billing, and consults.


Wireless for portable workflows

  • Be careful with these due the allure of internet connected personal device use – who has time for Fakebook or LinkedIn?
  • You might consider renting a system for temporary use while you build your new location.


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The Basic Kelkom Wired Panel™

  • Seamless plug and play in existing Kelkom network installations.
  • Custom silicone keypad layout with LED backlit keys.
  • Greater convenience and security
  • Ideal for aerosol environments – OPS / sterile / lab
  • Expanded software features to get even more out of your original investment.
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