The DigitalKELKOM(tm) Panel

The Kelkom panel works across platforms to orchestrate the workflow of your entire office - effortlessly! Best of all, it's customized to your own practice.

The Basic Kelkom Panel

Hard-wired for unparalleled dependability, this wired Kelkom Panel is a slim, professional solution. Features sealed silicone buttons for worry-free decontamination.

The Touch Screen Kelkom Panel

The Touch Screen Kelkom Panel effortlessly communicates via your own network — Cat5e/6 wired or WiFi.

DigitalKELKOM(tm) Virtual Panel Platform

Turn any Android(R), PC, or iOS(R) device into a Kelkom Panel in your network! Runs smoothly in the background, allowing you to use your device and still receive alerts.

Upgrade from the Classic Kelkom Panel

Upgrade your legacy Kelkom Panel to the modern version — your existing Kelkom wiring is plug-compatible for plug & play DigitalKELKOM Panel installation.

Classic Kelkom - Replacement Parts

Click the tab at the top of this page to order Replacement Parts for legacy Kelkom products.

We are the workflow efficiency experts

PC software communication is impossible to read at a distance and requires much craning of the neck to see if the message is even for you. Other hardware panels are no better, with jellybean-sized lights and small font.


KelKom™ is the essential dental office communication system to improve your patient flow efficiency. You might know us as a “communication light system.” Either way, KelKom is the superior productivity tool that saves time and money in all practices.

We have documented data showing that users of dental office communication software can be unaware of the significant $$$s lost using these products.  Using office communication headsets or radios can be worse.

Consider that even IF these products are FREE, they still cost you MORE $$$s using them compared to buying a KelKom!

For example, do these productivity time sinks sound familiar?

  • Your team still uses “sneaker net” or “yell net” when communications are missed or unclear.
    Lose $250 per week and customer respect.
  • You have to dig your mobile device out of your pocket when your assistant texts you when a patient is ready.
    Lose $15 per occurrence and customer respect.
  • The DR gets tangled in the headset wires actuating the mic.
    Lose $15 per occurrence and lose respect not using KelKom.
  • The admin manager has 7 applications open and didn’t notice DR’s question about patient in OP#3; DR had to send someone to get the answer.
    Lose $45 per occurrence not using KelKom.
  • While discussing treatments on a PC display with a patient, the communication software pops-up and disturbs your lead Tech’s discussion and concentration.
    Lose $65 per occurrence not using KelKom.
  • While prepping for each patient, your lead Tech has to search the PC screen for messages, and shift gears to go back to the previous applications.
    Lose $120 per per day not using KelKom.
  • Your patient hears a conversation from the headset about another customer’s financial matter.
    Lose a patient.

Isn’t it time to utilize the full capacity of your practice and eliminate your patient-flow frustrations?

KelKom is the only patient flow management tool that is instantly readable from anywhere in the room. Get the information you need in a single glance — no distractions, no gimmicks.

Case Studies

Read success stories from your colleagues here. Dentists, physicians and veterinarians all benefit from Kelkom’s patient flow approach.

Click the topics below to select a case study:

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Save More Time

Kelkom's technology suite converts your wasted time to productive time. Make each day more profitable:

While you deliver your best care, Kelkom streamlines your patient flow and keeps staff on-task.

  • No hall-wandering looking for your patient, colleague or Doctor.
  • Instantly see where you’re needed
  • Instantly see where others are
  • Devote more time to each patient or squeeze in that emergency, no problem!
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Communicate Securely

Office chat programs, mobile texting, and intercoms all have something in common: they're not HIPAA-compliant.

Using your cell phone to manage patient flow isn’t just unprofessional, it could leave you open to HIPPA violations. Is your office chat system adequately encrypted and protected from unauthorized eyes?

Kelkom minimizes your legal risk by communicating only the essential information in a format only the practice staff will be able to identify and respond to.

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Ultimate Efficiency

Kelkom eliminates workflow chaos, so you can operate at your maximum capacity with no extra stress!

Improve patient satisfaction and help retain valuable staff resources. Kelkom users report a lowering of stress level throughout the practice as your team focuses on service delivery, not sifting through windows or texting to find the person they need.

  • Patients experience a calmer, more professional environment.
  • Your team is focused and on-task throughout the day.
  • Your time is spent doing your best work, not deciphering your schedule.
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The DigitalKELKOM Technology Suite

The KELKOM Panel is today’s most flexible approach to deliver patient flow communication; it is proven to be the most cost-effective, easy to learn and intuitive.

Basic System

The essential Kelkom communication solution features utilizing silicone keypad panels backed with individual LEDs. Perfect for immediate upgrade from an existing Kelkom installation.

Advanced System

The DigitalKELKOM™ software platform allows you the ultimate flexibility creating your communication system. Match the features to drive your patient flow and deliver the communication on devices preferred for your specific work areas.

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